Privacy Policy

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This is a private service not yet released to the general public. It's invite-only and there are loads of bugs and features actively being worked. Please keep this in mind when sharing or soliciting feedback. It's very possible that while the service remains private alpha/beta (as it currently is) that you could experience permanent data loss. So enjoy, do make backups if you'd like, and be cautious to avoid any sort of sensitive data being created in the service.

This Privacy Policy describe commitments to you on what data is collected, how its collected, why it is collected, how you can control your data, and how your data is protected.

This Privacy Policy was written by a human, based on BBB guidelines and while it's not perfect, it strives to be visible, simple, real, and current.

Remember that this privacy policy can be updated without notice so check back as often as you'd like to see the evolution.

1a. What data is NOT collected

Our general approach to privacy and data protection is that we only collect what is required to provide you a great experience, and nothing more. This means we don't track you around the web, or put pixels or trackers on our site from data aggregators, and actually we don't even use web analytics. We don't need to do any of this because while the service is currently private by invite only, we believe in a model for the internet where we build a profitable business by adding value for our customers and customers paying for that value because they love the service.

1b. What data is collected

Content: our services enable people to create topics and get feedback from other people. This information is saved to a database which is required to run the service.

Account: a username, password, and email is required to use the service.

Cookies: the service may create 1st party cookies to enable your experience.

Logs: our services save logs so we can monitor uptime, errors, etc. This can contain IP address, web browser info, date/time, URL, etc.

2. How data is being collected

Content is created through the use of the service. Creating topics, soliciting feedback, collecting feedback, etc.

Account: account data is created when you sign up for the service or manage your services settings, for example changing your password.

Cookies: 1st party cookies are set by the service for the service, for example to enable the sign in experience.

Log data is automatically generated as a byproduct of using the service. As the service is accessed the system automatically records this information.

3. What is being done with collected data

Content: this data is the basis for the service and is what customers use the service for. It is used accordingly - to enable the service to work.

Account: use of the service as a customer requires login to manage topics, settings, etc.

Cookies: 1st party cookies are used to provide and manage ability to login for example or other similar functionality. These cookies aren't shared outside of the service.

Logs: this data is stored in backend systems and used to keep the service running and improve the service.

4. How you (users) can control your data

Content: when you login, you can view your topics on your Profile page. You can create more topics, create or review feedback, or delete topics. If you want to create content, create feedback and topics. If you want to delete content, you can delete your topics. Unlike some services where deletion is just a codeword for archival (so the service can still see your content), on Increment, delete means delete. We will permanently delete your content and it will not be recoverable.

Account: you can manage your account inforation by logging into your profile and viewing details on the Settings tab.

Cookies: you can clear your cookies at any time using the settings in your browser.

Logs: log data is automatically generated when the services are accessed. By accessing the services you can expect log data to be captured and stored (potentially indefinitely simply because this is the default behavior of our backend systems and we are working on features to curtail logs so they only remain in the systems for a set amount of time. As this and other functionality is built to put customers first, we will update this policy.

6. How protects data

Content: all interactions with the service are through SSL, the widely standard encrypted connection between our customers and our systems.

Access: your account details are stored in our systems and your password is not stored at all.

Cookies: the service doesn't use 3rd party cookies and 1st party cookies use the standard functionality built into your web browser to work. They adhear to those standards.

Logs: log data is only available through our backend systems and those systems of 3rd parties we use to provide the service like web hosting provider or content delivery network.