Frequently Asked Questions
  • I want to try Increment! What's the cost? How can I create an account? Answer: Request an invite here. The service cost is $0, we're in a closed beta (invite-only). For those using increment every day, we're here for you to learn from you. Your feedback is the fee for the service!
  • Why Why not surveymonkey or a zillion other companies doing this stuff? Increment's anonymous feedback app is dead simple, inexpensive, and works exactly like you'd want. If you like building surveys and processing results by hand - go for one of those. If you want to skip the manual work and focus on outcomes, we hope you'll try Increment!
  • What's Answer: A simple way to build anonymous feedback into everything. Based out of Austin, Texas, Increment was created out of the belief that a growth mindset benefits the individual and the community - and we strive to help both individuals and communities thrive by creating tools that help you be your best.
  • Who created Increment? Why did you build it? Answer: Here's a bit more context.
  • What's options do I have for sharing topics? Answer:
    • A short link for your default topic (you can change your default topic anytime):<username>
    • A normal link for all your topics (e.g., Give Feedback about Increment). You can share as-is or embed for example in an email signature.
      Thanks for the workshop the other day. Learned a lot.
      Attached is the forecast we talked about.

    • A QR code. Your QR code is a great option for embedding in presentations or at your place of business - for example on a printed tabletop card or at the base of your menu, if you're a restaurant.
  • What are Topics? Answer: topics are the subjects for which you'd like feedback. Feedback is solicited and organized by topic. You create topics on your profile page. Topics are private by default - meaning that while anyone (with the link) can submit feedback to you, only you can see the responses you've received. If you'd like, you can set a topic to be 👥public. Public topics work the same in every way except that all the responses you receive will also be visible to anyone with the link. This can be great for gathering ideas from your team where you want them to see what's already been submitted, as one example.
  • What's increment's doing with my data? Answer: keeping it private for you. You are the mission. We do not sell or share your data. Your data is yours, which is why we'll charge for the service eventually. In the meantime, your feedback is the fee! And your data is secure. Everything you do on the site is encrypted in transit with SSL and no web analytics or 3rd party cookies are involved in this site. This is about being better in every way we can - increment by increment.